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Denny Moers: Ladder Over Fauna Wall

Art by Denny Moers: Ladder Over Fauna Wall


Welcome to the home page for my website which gives you information about my psychotherapy and psychoanalytic services and how to contact me.

Human life inevitably includes difficulty with change, anxiety, and pain. These challenging experiences, although often unwelcome, can actually stimulate personal growth. Yet facing these challenges alone can be uncomfortable, or even overwhelming. In my practice, I offer an empathic yet objective perspective to support your process of growth and coming to terms with life's problems, losses, and traumas. I also aim to provide a setting where we can examine your feelings in a way that creates new responses to emotional conflicts.

I specialize in working with:

I have a profound interest in how early life experiences impact life's later transitions and rough patches.

Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis are based on the premise that we can benefit from an increased understanding of our emotions and thought patterns. These benefits include the resolution of symptoms and problems such as depression and anxiety; fuller development of personal potential; enhanced interpersonal relationships; and recovery from grief, loss, and traumatic events. My approach is pyschodynamic (based on the idea that we have valid inner experiences, which are not obvious or identical to external reality), and informed by psychoanalytic theory (including the idea that some aspects of our minds and emotions are hidden from us, and that becoming familiar with those hidden aspects is possible and useful).