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Denny Moers: Glass Window

Art by Denny Moers: Glass Window, Spain, 1979

Policies and Fees

Your Privacy

Your privacy is important to me. In my role as a licensed clinical social worker, I do not seek or collect information about individuals, such as names or email addresses, other than when you intentionally provide it to me to establish contact. Through communicating with me, whether by telephone or email, you agree to the terms of this privacy policy. More information about my privacy policy is provided to you when you meet with me for an appointment.

You should be aware that my privacy policy does not extend to other websites linked to the mbntherapy.com website.

In Washington State, information communicated between patient and therapist is protected by law and held to be private. For more information about your rights as a consumer of mental health services, go to: www.doh.wa.gov

Appointments and Fees

Appointments are usually scheduled as fifty-minute sessions. During the first several appointments, I will work with you to understand your treatment goals and discuss how we might work together to achieve them. Once we have decided to work together, we will agree on a weekly appointment time or times that will be reserved for you. If we determine that my services are not a good fit for your needs, I can offer a referral to another resource if desired.

We will also discuss fees and payment. I am a preferred provider on several insurance plans and am able to bill most other insurance plans or give you billing information which will allow you to seek reimbursement. Regardless of whether your therapy is covered by your insurance, you are responsible for fees incurred during your treatment. Usually I provide a statement at the end of each month, to be paid within two weeks. If insurance is being billed, your co-payment responsibility will be billed as described above or as required by the insurance plan. If you wish to create an alternative payment plan, specific arrangements must be made ahead of time.