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Denny Moers: Tree Emanations

Art by Denny Moers: Tree Emanations, 1994


These are some of the goals my clients come to accomplish. I offer individual psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, and couples psychotherapy. For details about my services, please click on your areas of interest:

I look forward to speaking with you about how my services may be helpful to you.

Individual Psychotherapy

Individuals come to psychotherapy for a wide range of reasons, but in my experience there is help to be found in looking closely at emotional experiences. Therapy provides an environment for feeling, and thinking deeply about feelings, as well as a therapeutic relationship where general relationship patterns can be noticed. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy’s focus on understanding conflictual or overly rigid beliefs can lead to relief and change in habitual internal perspectives. I work with people dealing with anxiety; stress; depression; life transitions; grief, loss, and trauma; as well as those hoping to achieve greater personal satisfaction and motivation in daily life..

Couples Psychotherapy

Both members of a couple must work hard to create an enduring, mutually supportive and lively relationship. Each individual brings an individual history, which affects the couple’s interactions in subtle or obvious ways. The untangling of expectations based on the past from the needs and desires of the present is complicated work. The therapist’s work as an objective yet empathic mediator often allows each partner to feel safer and to discover new ways to communicate and respond to needs, hopes, and challenges. I work with couples to improve communication and learn how to productively address conflicts, while holding in mind the tremendous complexity of intimate relationships.

Psychotherapy for New Parents/Pregnancy and Postpartum Mood Disorders/Pregnancy Loss and Infertility

I believe that emotional support during pregnancy and postpartum is tremendously important. In the aftermath of pregnancy loss, or during the experiences of infertility, emotional support becomes a necessity. I work with individuals and couples going through ordinary postpartum adjustment issues, postpartum and perinatal mood disorders, pregnancy loss and infertility.

Thinking about becoming a parent stirs up one’s own experiences as an infant and child. Long-standing personal issues may arise for re-evaluation. I am aware of the intense emotions that we all go through in the process of being born and challenged to grow - for the adult reborn as a parent or the infant born from the womb. My experiences with new families through my years as a doula and a medical social worker have made me aware of how hard it can be to find support and attention for the typical difficulties of this major life transition.

When more unusual difficulties occur, the need for appropriate emotional care becomes even more urgent. Pregnancy loss and infertility, pregnancy challenges, and pregnancy and postpartum mood disorders require thoughtful support and attention in order for healthy adaptation to take place.


Psychoanalysis is an intensive psychotherapeutic treatment that may be suitable for individuals hoping to achieve greater personal satisfaction and motivation in daily life, working with complex issues around early life experiences and their current resonances, or people seeking to address other emotional and relationship challenges. Psychoanalysis is the original treatment (developed by Sigmund Freud) from which other mental health therapies have been developed. Psychoanalytic work, even more than psychotherapy, relies on the relationship between the analyst and the patient as an environment for understanding emotional dynamics and growing new emotional experiences. Engagement in psychoanalytic treatment can serve as a powerful vehicle for personal development in adulthood.